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Our Classes!

At All God's Children Learning Center we are more than just a daycare, we're a learning facility! We care for your little ones with time, attention and we instill them with a productive learning environment where they can flourish!

The Wiggle Worms Classroom is the place to be. Our infants are nurtured and encouraged to roll over and to focus on the different colors in the classroom. The Teachers work diligently to get the wiggle worms to sit up, crawl, and to roll over. They enjoy listening to music and being sung to as they crawl and learn to stand and, finally, to walk.

It is very exciting to see them master one step and go on to another step. They are very inquisitive but at the same time very territorial. They only want their caregivers and parents to interact with them.

Movements, movements. The Butterfly Classroom never stops moving. Our spacious classroom allows for movement, activity, and fun. A typical day in the Butterfly Classroom begins with an exciting circle time, where our students explore using their imagination. The children love to be read to and spend a lot of time in the reading area. They have several areas where they practice holding pencils and scribbling along with painting and learning their colors, shapes, and numbers.

All God’s Children Learning Center Children and Staff take time out each morning for prayer and inspirational songs as we worship and praise God. During group time, our 2's work on shapes, colors, and sounds. The teachers work patiently on toilet training their students. The bathroom is a part of the classroom and potty training is part of their care.

In our one year old class; the children learn through hands on training. We want to introduce them to numbers and the alphabet. One way to do that is to sing the alphabet song and to sing nursery rhymes. The nursery rhymes teach them how to pronounce words, while increasing their word knowledge.

The One year old class loves to be read to and they are able to recognize the characters in the book. In one instance, the children picked up the book after their Teacher finished reading to them and start mimicking their Teacher by trying to read the book themselves. The children in the class are being nurtured by their Teacher and are learning to be very independent by learning new things everyday.

Welcome to the two year old class. In our classroom, as the two year old teacher, I make sure that the children learn how to honed in on their fine motor skill by holding their crayons and pencils.

There is a lot of hands on activities where the children are actually playing, but learning at the same time. For example, we have puzzles of different animals with different shapes. They are learning mathematics skills by reasoning to figure out where each piece fits. They also are playing with blocks and using their minds to create different shapes. They go on nature walks and pick up leaves. Our teachers reinforce the colors and shapes, and textures of the leaves. The two years olds go on field trips to the library, parks, nursing homes, etc..

Also; the two years are learning to be independent by being potty trained. The two years are always learning and recognizing new things every day. They are very busy and their teachers are told by the parents that they are very tired when they get home.

Welcome to the 3 and 4-year-old Superheroes with Avengers on Learning. Their main objective is to use the formula of the 3 L’s of Learning: (1) Look, (2)Listen, and(3)Learn. The Children find that following these steps are very helpful to them in answering questions pertaining to our lesson for the week. The Classroom is set up in several different areas. They have a writing area where they practice writing their name and drawing. They also have a library area (quiet area) where they sat and read their books. They also have a science area with an aquarium with goldfish. Unfortunately they didn’t live long. We have to get more fishes. Also they have different dinosaurs that they learned the different species. One of their favorite learning area is the dramatic play area where they dressed up in different costumes. The last but not least is the Music area where they learn different nursing rhymes and also jump around and learn rhythm. Each day bring something different to learn. Each moment is a teachable moment.

We enforce the following skills:

  • Motor Skills – Walking, jumping, tossing, and catching.
  • Language Development - Reading time, finger play & speech development.
  • Social & Emotional Development – Taking turns, sharing, & expressing emotions.
  • Music & Movement - dancing, singing, and outdoor play.

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